Making Your Own Animal Feed Can Save You Money

Published: 20th October 2010
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If you run a farm then your livestock is of upmost importance to you, they can however be expensive to keep fed and watered. There is of course an answer; you can produce your own animal feed pellets.

In the UK you can purchase small scale animal feed pellet mills that allow you to produce your own animal feed using waste products that would usual go to landfill. There is no end of ingredients that can be used to produce these and by purchasing a hammer mill or granulator you can grind down any ingredient to be mixed and pressed into a pellet.

Animal feed systems such as these have traditionally only be used by large scale manufacturing who produce the feed to sell, now you can purchase smaller machinery that allows you to create the feed but that is cost effective to you and your business.

The initial cost / investment purchasing the machinery can soon made back by creating your own feed from products that you would usually just throw away. By using waste products you will be not be paying out sums of money for ingredients so you will soon see a return on investment on the purchase of your pellet mill. It is also dependent of the size of the farm, the larger it is the more of a need to create your own feed there is.

If you have the means to create your own feed you can also make the pellets according to your animalís requirements and diet. Making various batches of feeds for various animals can be done quickly and efficiently and you also have full control over the dates the batches are created which can help with the stocking of materials.

In todayís current economical climate, it is becoming more and more important to lower your business overheads helping you to increase your profit margins. Making your own feed is a great way to do this but at the same time having control of the feed you produce and provide to your animals.

Animal feed pellets can be used to feed cattle, pigs and chickens, they are a cost effective way of providing a high quality diet. Instead of buying your animal feed pellets from a supplier why not look into buying your own machine, making your own feed and reducing your costs, giving you full control.

Farm Feed Systems was established in 1999 originally concentrating on the provision of Animal Feed Mills to farmers and specialist feed manufacturers throughout the world. The company designs and manufactures pellet making machines for a wide range of biomass materials.

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