Ten Things To Think About For Your Wedding

Published: 14th May 2012
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After the initial few weeks of feeling on top of the world after you have decided to get married, it is then time to get down to the real hard work and actually start planning your big day. There is so much to organise, book, sort and decide that it can all get a little bit overwhelming, especially when you look at the financial costs as well.
Below, we take a look at our top ten things to think about when planning your wedding, taking a look at the things you really need to get straight in your mind to make your big day a massive success.
Location – If you have family spread out over the country then choosing a location that everyone, including yourself, is happy with is going to be a nightmare. Many people will either get married in their home town or go back to a place they used to live, with thousands of possibilities and locations for you to choose from. The amount of people getting married abroad has risen in the past ten years, with travel and accommodation getting cheaper, but this is something that might not suit all of your guests.
Venue – From Churches to Football Stadiums, you can literally get married anywhere these days so you will not have a problem when it comes to finding a venue, unless you leave it too late of course. Although churches are still one of the most popular places to get married, many more people get married in hotels, marquees and other readily available places these days.
Accommodation – If you are going to hang around before shooting off on your honeymoon then you will need accommodation and so will your guests, so you need to try and sort out a range of options for everyone to stay. If you go for a luxury hotel then you have to bear in mind that some of your guests might not be able to afford this, so it’s well worth offering a range of options that everyone can afford to stay over should they want to.
Catering – With so many medical conditions, allergies and fussy eaters, catering for all of your guests has never been harder, so this aspect of your wedding might involve you having to really spend some time thinking about it. You also need to think about whether you will have a sit down and served meal or whether a self service buffet might fit your requirements better and with so many options to choose from this could take some time!
Insurance – Many people over look wedding insurance and yet it is crucial you at least consider having this kind of insurance and have a look at some quotes. A good insurance product can help to protect many things with regards to your wedding, including cancellation costs, any damage that occurs and also if any of your third parties should go bust before your big day.
Guests – When you have decided how many people you will be inviting, you then need to sit and down and work out who is coming, where they are going to sit, what they are going to eat and all the other minor decisions you have to make when holding any kind of event like this. Many people will invite a selection of people to the wedding and then more people to their evening party, as this helps to keep the cost down and means you do not have to have a huge venue for your actual wedding.
Presents – Most weddings have a “wish list” where the guests can go along and choose a present that the bride and groom actually want, which can stop them ending up with ten toasters and three cushions. Most leading department stores offer a wedding list service which allows guests to buy a present and when that present is purchased it is removed from the list, meaning the happy couple only get what they really want.
Wedding Apparel – The brides dress and the groom’s suit needs to be purchased and all of the bridesmaids all need to be dressed in clothing that you want for your big day, so this is something else that needs to be organised. Gone are the days when you need to spend thousands on a wedding dress, with many of the supermarkets and department stores now offering cheaper alternatives that still look amazing.
Transport – You need to decide how the bride and family will be getting to the place where you are due to be married. Will you be going for a traditional limousine or are you going to have a full blown horse and cart solution? No matter what kind of transport you opt for, it is vital that you book it early to get the best choice and also try to get an early booking discount.
Rings – Don’t forget to buy the rings! To symbolise the joining together of two people, it is traditional to swap rings at a wedding, which is normally at the closing end of the wedding ceremony. There are hundreds of shops that you can buy jewellery from, but do go and make sure they fit perfectly first else it could be a tight squeeze when it comes to placing them on the fingers on your wedding day.
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